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Because of this, I cannot install any firmware from my USB.

I was careless and didn't bother to make a backup of my game saves and trophies, but I would like to keep them so I don't think I'll be formatting my HDD anytime soon.

So try maybe downloading rebug 4.41 and see if it goes all the way, if that didn't do it, then its possible that the problem is in the HDD itself, may be try to connect it to your PC and format it or replace it with a spare HDD, also, sometimes its actually the usb , maybe format it or try another one. My Blu-ray drive was working fine and I was playing games on it with no problem.

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I know that when a new HDD is inserted into the PS3 it has to be formatted, but I want to format a HDD that does not contain my game saves and trophies. Update error 0x8002F14E Error with installing Firmware update. // or Core OS region failure when in log "Update Core OS Package done(0x8002f14e)" or Revoke region failure when in log "Update Package Revoke list done(0x8002f14e)"0%-40% Cause: At this point the update is verifying and unpacking files from the .pup, then updating files on the NAND (and HDD for newer consoles with NOR flash).

I have internet connection and everything, I can play online with no problem but it just seems to be when I download a game update.

I even downloaded a 1.5 gb DLC the other day and when I told it to DL in the background there was no issue, it just seems to be with updates.

At around 12% in the update an error appears on the screen: 8002F14E I don't understand why this is happening.

The error is supposed to mean the bluray drive is broken, but mine is not.

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